i-4 Improvement Methodology Workshop


I-4 Improvement Methodologi

Introduction :

Training Objective :

  1. Peserta memahami mindset dari Business Operational Excellence (Operasi Bisnis yang unggul – efektif & efisien) dan manfaatnya bagi organisasi
  2. Peserta memahami dan mampu mengaplikasikan tools / alat dalam metodologi perbaikan proses bisnis yang telah disampaikan
  3. Peserta dapat mengimplementasikan metodologi yang telah disampaikan dalam perbaikan proses bisnis di bagian masing-masing (Project Assignment)

Training Outline/Curriculum :

  1. Penjelasan Business Process
  2. Operational excellence mindset, pengenalan tentang manajemen operasi dan metode inisiatif perbaikan.
  3. Introduction to i-4 Improvement methodology.
  4. i-4 improvement step by step: initiate, identify, improve, implement
Training Method

Target Participant

In Class Course, Simulation/Case study

2 Hari

Target Participant

Investment Scheme

Manager/Supervisor Level

Rp. 2.450.000,-

Download Brosur I-4 IMW

Our Clients

BpX has been serving in partnership with many clients (Both in consulting & learning Services) from various types of industry, some of which have even engaged us as a retainer consultant in their business operational excellence effort.
Some of our respected clients are

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Our teamwork is salient and yet we respect for the uniqueness of individuals. We strive for excellence with humility, simplicity, speed and imagination with the clarity of mind.

Our team consists of several certified Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts, where each of our team member is fully equipped with various tools and techniques in deploying our services at your company.

Our team has also various complementary industry backgrounds from High-Tech Electronics, Banking & Financial Services, Information Technology Services, and Telecommunications Industries.


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