Lean Six Sigma Introduction



Introduction :

Lean Six Sigma is a Business Process Improvement methodology that had been proven to significantly boost the performance of some of the top companies who had been implemented.

This workshop aims to provide a fairly comprehensive picture of what and what kind of Lean Six Sigma. Explained in simple language and easy to understand.

Training Objective :

  1. Recognize the concept of Six Sigma and Lean Concepts And integration between the two
  2. Knowing the benefits of Lean Six Sigma initiatives for the improvement of the performance of the company
  3. Know the stages of implementation inisiatitif business process performance improvement with Lean Six Sigma methodology
  4. Knowing what needs to be prepared if the company / organization will run a Lean Six Sigma initiative

Training Outline/Curriculum :

  1. Six Sigma Basic Concepts & Success Story
  2. Lean Basic Concepts & Success story
  3. Six Sigma & Lean collaboration
  4. DMAIC Process Improvement Methodology in brief case study
  5. Overview of Project Selection, Project impact/benefit calculation (QNI)
  6. How to capture Voice Of The Customer and using it for business performance improvement.
  7. Change Management in Process Improvement Projects
  8. Process Improvement Project management in company environment (organizational context)
Training Method

Target Participant

In Class Course

1 Day

Target Participant

Investment Scheme

Professional, Managers, etc

Rp. 2.000.000,-

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